Be Kind is a 100% locally established company that is dedicated to providing ethical, socially responsible products to the community through partnerships with reputed partners. Our purpose does not stop there. We are committed to collaboration with notable charitable bodies that have access to millions of people around the world who need safe drinking water and sanitation.


In line with the vision of our country’s leaders, we are bringing together our community and building a bridge between our consumers and the people in developing countries who purely rely on giving. Our authentic strategy is to innovate, lead and engage with ‘citizen-consumers’ and stakeholders in a meaningful way which will become the differentiating factor between us and the rest.

We believe that in today’s world, acting responsibly across social and environmental causes is a business imperative. We are persistent in our belief that businesses can and should be a force for good. We also believe in positivity and the spirit of giving. We believe people want to do good and people want to be kind.


With our products, we are able to provide our customers a sustainable, giving platform to create win-win partnerships and quintessentially, BE KIND.


Engaging people to do good.


Foster the spirit of kindness!


Work with Integrity


Be Customer Obsessed and Deliver Excellence


Be Transparent


Be Respectable


Be Kind


Our Growth Strategy

As a purpose driven business we are passionate about our growth as well as our partners. We aim to measure our success by the impact we have on this world. Our Strategy is a reflection of our Vision: Engage people to do good. We aim to reach our


Growth of our People

Create innovative workplace, build world-class capabilities, provide meaningful career experiences.


Growth of our Business

Passionate about being Kind, build local and international reputation, become best-in-class cost management, build loyal customer base.


Growth of our Partners

Focus on value creation, provide local market expertise, endorse brand image.


Growth of our Impact

Serve low-income communities with sustainable solutions, partner with reputable charities and sponsors, add value and promote the work they do, enhance the well-being of the people overall –our employees, our customers, our communities and our planet.